Sunday, 26 September 2010

woohoo, three followers! its so sad how excited i am -_-

anyway, my wig finally came!
its much better than i expected, the hair is so nice, really feels like human hair! its a little uncomfortable to wear, and if you lift the hair (like the wind might :/) you can see the wefts, as it dosent have a skin cap, which is annoying. but still, cant complain for the price! (£15)

AND, the biggest, most exciting thing is that even though its Kanekalon, which (supposdly!) cant stand heat, ive managed to straighten AND curl it with no problems at all! as you will see in the pics.
the fringe (or bangs, for you americans) was so bad it was offensive when it arrived, so i cut that. and now its wearable :)
im yet to wear it out of the house, but i think ill wear it to college tomorrow.

Also, im aware i hardly have any followers (hopefully this will change though) but im thinking about adding an "outfit of the day" to my posts? just a little picture of what
i was wearing, a little breakdown of where everything was from ect? would you like that?

thanks for reading :3


  1. The wig looks great. And I love how you made it your own.

  2. Cute wig!

    I think you should do an outfit of the day post as well. :) I know I love reading those!

    I think maybe I'll start doing one as well. :D