Friday, 24 September 2010

well, i only started this blog this morning, and i am yet to have a follower
but ima post some stuff just to make it look a little less nooby :)

the rain! its sounds so pretty. but its wet and cold, Jess' dont like the wet, or the cold. -_-

Ive been at my boyfriends all day, just chilling while hes at college, so i only have one outfit with me, a short, ruffly lace skirt, and a vest top with a unicorn on it. NOT rain-friendly attire. so ive not even been out to brave the weather for a cigarette, which is, to say the least, annoying.

My wig arrived the other day (ive been very excited about recieving my first wig!) and i love it, ill get another post up with pictures, review etc up when ive styled it and take some photos :3

well, hopefully ill have some followers to actually talk to, instead of just posting my ramblings on the internet for noone to see, next time i post!

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