Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Why wont you answer me? the silence is slowly killing me..

i have it stuck in my head. -_-
not sure how i feel about the "new" Maroon 5. ive always been a fan of them, back in the day.
but ive always thought of them as a depressing (for want of a better word :3) band. Plus the lead singer (names escape me!) is looking a bit sleazy? or is it just me.... Thoughts?

Wore my wiggy out for the first time to college, nobobdy suspected a thing, i had so many people ask where i had my hair done. haha! so, i think im becoming a bit of a wig junkie... and loving every minute of it. >:Dy
Im gonna have a little play around this evening, with both my real hair, and my lovely fake, and try and get the whole "big beehive" look down, and tips on creating a big beehive (that lasts!) would be wonderful.
I can backcomb it to buggery, but then how do i clip it all down? -sigh- and i wear hair extensions, so i need to be able to hide the clips well :(


  1. your hair looks amazing like that, i look forward to what you come up with in the future..

    p.s tattoo taffy on another forum

  2. niether of thoses pictures are of me!

    oh yeah, bjs? thanks for the follow!

  3. whoops......it is hard to tell as you both have those wonderful big eyes.