Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My hair is consideribly pinker now.

thoughts? i like it. although it is maybe a little bright, it should calm down after a couple of washes 
or so i hope :D

i used La riche directions hair dye in Flamingo pink. which ive used before, and the colour is very good to start with, but does start to fade even after probably the second wash D: 
so i reckon when i have some cash, im gonna spash out on SFX atomic pink, which is infamous for lasting forever. (easily two months before it starts to fade. woopeee!)
so i shall let all 8 of you know on that ;)

as promised! i said i would start doing an "outfit of the day" thing (or outfit of the week, more likely) and here it is. what i am wearing to college today - i would like to point out that it is seven oclock in the morning. i overestimated how much time i would need by an hour. what an idiot :P

i am completely aware my face looks TOTALLY AWESOME. 
no i lied it looks like a potato. but nevermind~~

Outfit Rundown 
Cardigan - Primarkkk. i love this. its so soft and comfortable. and cheap too!
Owl Crop Top. - Er, primark again. but its supercute. its longer at the back, co it covers your bum too! win.
Black Leggings - Rebel Rebel, i do believe. not much to report really, just bogstantard black leggings :P

and i wore short, studded flat boots with thissss. :)

well, let me know what you think of the hair. and outfit. and things in genral. how are you? hows your day been.?
Thanks for reading. :3

Friday, 8 October 2010

apologies for the lack of post. i havent had anything exciting to post about.
MLIA lmao.

sooo, last night i dyed my hair pink, finally!
and i hate it.
i didnt lighten it enough before putting the pink over, so its patchy. some parts are magenta (blurghhhhh) and some parts are ginger. i looke like a fruit salad sweetie!
i cant tell the diffrence, can you? ;)

so, by monday i will have rebleached. and sorted out my extensions and everything. so ill have a niiiice long post reviewing the pink im using. and my first outfit of the day. you should be excited!

so, sorry again for lack of posting. and wait on the edge of your seats for next weeks pink pink pink post!

Thanks for reading :3