Friday, 8 October 2010

apologies for the lack of post. i havent had anything exciting to post about.
MLIA lmao.

sooo, last night i dyed my hair pink, finally!
and i hate it.
i didnt lighten it enough before putting the pink over, so its patchy. some parts are magenta (blurghhhhh) and some parts are ginger. i looke like a fruit salad sweetie!
i cant tell the diffrence, can you? ;)

so, by monday i will have rebleached. and sorted out my extensions and everything. so ill have a niiiice long post reviewing the pink im using. and my first outfit of the day. you should be excited!

so, sorry again for lack of posting. and wait on the edge of your seats for next weeks pink pink pink post!

Thanks for reading :3


  1. Wow, I love this vibrant color on you. It brings out your eyes and makes you look so pretty!

  2. you do look incredibly vibrant with that color, and i like that you also look commanding and in charge of your world.

  3. heloooow '*--* I loved your blog' ^ ^

    I'm following you ^ ^ keep in touch Kisses: *

    like your hair '*-* I lack the courage to paint it: /